June 15, 2022 – New York City, NY – The A Show RNC, Black Announce Table, and Black Rasslin’ Podcast come together for a celebration amongst prominent Black Creatives within the pro wrestling podcast space, curating weekly conversations on Sports Entertainment.

The collective discuss their growth as content creators in a niche environment, opportunities they’ve encountered, and celebrating milestones over the last five years.

In addition, the collective are collaborating on a fundraiser to assist KIPP AMP Middle School After School Program, The Wrestling Club — founded by teacher liaison and singer-songwriter Victor Perry. The objective is to support and further nurture the student’s love for professional wrestling who participate in the program.

This funds will support the club’s efforts for program enrichment, products for incentivizing positive reinforcement, and opportunities to attend live events!

To help support, please visit The Wrestling Club’s Road to WrestleMania!

About Victor Perry x The Wrestling Club

NYC-based singer-songwriter/vocalist and Middle School teacher Victory Perry has been instrumental in the students’ lives at his school by introducing them to professional wrestling. The club provides an outlet to express creativity. Perry’s wrestling club tweets have gone viral recently and garnered his students a visit from WWE Superstar and Women’s Tag Team Champion Sasha Banks.

About The A Show

The A Show is hosted by Justin Davis and Jameel Raeburn, the self-proclaimed ‘King of Pro Wrestling Podcasts.’ They provide their opinionated perspective of everything in the wrestling world weekly. Hosted by The A Show Network and RNC RADIO Network.

About Black Announce Table

The Black Announce Table Podcast, starring SkyHigh Eph, Ms. Sookoo, and Codie Dre, brings a fresh, innovative perspective on entertainment, sport, and pro wrestling. New episodes of The Black Announce Table Podcast are available on all streaming services and on YouTube Friday mornings. Early Access to podcast episodes, including hundreds of hours of creative content, is available exclusively on Patreon. The Black Announce Table is an official Brand Ambassador for SeatGeek.

Use code: BATPOD for $20 off your first purchase for any event on SeatGeek.

About Black Rasslin’

The Black Rasslin Podcast with Khal Dub, iLLFam, Mimi, Matth, and Drip airs LIVE on YouTube every Thursday at 8:35 pm ET. You never know who will appear with a story to tell on each brand-new weekly episode. Current content includes WWE, AEW, and Indie wrestling highlights. BRP offers Patreon content covering pop culture, music, and TV recaps. Black Rasslin also features editorial content on its website

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