May 27, 2022 – New York City – This week on The Black Announce Table, the letter “A” in three of the four words is shining a little brighter than usual because they are joined by none other than the self-proclaimed “A Champion,” former NXT North American Champion, final NXT Cruiserweight Champion, and 2021 NXT Breakout Tournament Winner Carmelo Hayes. The NXT 2.0 superstar is as confident as he is talented and keeps that same energy through the conversation. Much like Melo’s catchphrase, you don’t want to miss this.

About Carmelo Hayes

Carmelo Hayes, real name Christian Brigham, signed to the WWE in February of 2021. In under a year, 8 months to be exact, the 27-year-old went on to become a prominent character right as NXT abandoned the black and gold. He defeated 400-pound Odyssey Jones in the finals of the 8-man NXT Breakout Tournament. From there, he went on to cash in his Breakout contract and win the NXT North American Championship. It wasn’t enough for Carmelo Hayes to just be “a” champion; he had to be THE “A Champion. When Melo entered any room, it didn’t feel like a mid-card title, and his defenses against a variety of opponents back that up. The Worcester native’s blend of charisma and athleticism, alongside the highly-entertaining Trick Williams, has captured both the internet wrestling community and the fans in person. 

Watch our interview with Carmelo Hayes

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