Black Announce Table inks content deal with Photojournalist DTFMania

March 28, 2022 – New York City, NY – The Black Announce Table, a top 40 podcast on the sports & wrestling charts, announced a content deal with DTFMania that will bring exclusive photos across their social media platforms during WrestleMania weekend. 

“Danielle’s work is incredible. She’s been a staple at wrestling events throughout the past two years and accumulated an extensive portfolio of beautiful photography. We’re ecstatic to partner with the best photojournalist in the space and increase awareness of both our brands,” says Kelijah Proctor, TBAT’s Marketing and Strategy Manager.

“Photography has become a creative outlet and allowed me to meet some amazing people. I’m excited to work with the Black Announce Table” says Danielle.

In addition to this fixed license fee content deal, it was recently announced that The Black Announce Table became Brand Ambassadors for SeatGeek. Using code: BATPOD will give buyers $20 off their first purchase on SeatGeek

About The Black Announce Table

The Black Announce Table Podcast, starring SkyHighEph, MsSookoo, and CodieDre, brings a fresh, innovative perspective on entertainment, sport and wrestling. New episodes of The Black Announce Table Podcast are available on all streaming services and YouTube Friday mornings. Early Access to podcast episodes including hundreds of hours of innovative content is available exclusively on Patreon. 

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