New Lineup of shows + Black History Month guests press release.

New lineup of shows featured on The Black Announce Table Network

All New, All Original, The Black Announce Table

February 2, 2022 – New York City, NY – The Black Announce Table is excited to announce the launch of their new lineup including Patreon exclusives and our podcast guests to celebrate Black History Month. “Our goal is to be original, engaging, fun to watch, and inspiring. Our listeners have an emotional attachment, driven by the personalities of our hosts” says TBAT founder Ephraim Lawrence. 

Our Black History Month programming will feature appearances from black voices across media and our first interview with a wrestler. New episodes of The Black Announce Table podcast are available on all streaming services and YouTube every Friday morning.

  • February 4th – Stat Guy Greg, Attorney and Host of Spotify’s Cheap Heat with Peter Rosenberg. 
  • February 11th – Mouse Jones, Host of the Guys Next Door Pod.
  • February 18th – Jeff J., Host of The Power After Hours podcast and The Betting Exchange on MSG Networks.
  • February 25th – JTG “JayTheGawd”, NWA Wrestler, current Stars of Wrestling California Champion, and entrepreneur.

New lineup of shows join 200 plus episode weekly podcast

TBAT Radio, Patreon exclusive, is a weekly playlist that will introduce our audience to music they may not have heard or might have forgotten.

AudioDre, Patreon exclusive, the new lifestyle show from Codie Dre, is his unfiltered perspective on life, relationships, sports, music, and everything that makes him, him. Episode one premiered January, 7th.

A Story to Tell, streamed via YouTube and animated by Aaron the Artist (NBA, Disney, Cartoon Network), are our stories re-imagined. What happened when Codie met Busta Rhymes? Where did Chris’ turtle Jax go? The first episode premiered on YouTube Sunday, January 23rd. 

Watch Along, Patreon exclusive, is a wildly entertaining show from TBAT. Codie, Eph, and friends provide real-time analysis and reactions to some of wrestling’s most historic and historically bad matches.

About the Black Announce Table 

The Black Announce Table Podcast, starring @SkyHighEph, @MsSookoo, and @CodieDre, brings a fresh, innovative perspective on entertainment, sports and wrestling. Four years and over 200 episodes later, the trio has pushed the limit of what a highly successful podcast should be. TBAT weekly audio & video content is streamed to over 2000 active listeners in ten countries via Apple Podcast, Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube and Vimeo. Our GIPHY platform, launched December 25th, 2021 currently has over 750k views. Currently, our TikTok account launched January 21, 2022, has over 200k views.

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